Nordisk Tidende, the Norwegian newspaper in Brooklyn, is now online, and could be read at Choose "Avansert søk" (Advanced search), "Aviser" (Newspapers), and "Nordisk Tidende" from the drop-down menu under "Tittel" (Title), and you will find the newspaper. You could also do a search for a word under "Søkestreng", or several words like "Carl Søyland". It is also possible to leave out words from the search, by choosing "Ingen av disse ordene" (ex. Carl), or just some words under "Noen av disse ordene" (ex. "Søyland Manhattan"), you will get a result with everybody called Søyland, but not Carl Søyland, and hits for Søyland at Manhattan. It is also an option to choose dates; "Fra dato" (from date) and "Til dato" (to date). Remember to use the Norwegian date format 03.01.1917 (3 Jan 1917).

I have travelled a lot in US, and often see The Table Prayer on the walls, and here is the correct version:

1. I Jesu navn går vi til bords
og spiser, drikker på ditt ord.
Deg, Gud, til ære, oss til gavn,
så får vi mat i Jesu navn.

(In Jesus’ name we sit by the table 
to eat and drink at your word. 
By humbly honoring you God, 
we get food in Jesus’ name.

2. I Jesu navn så har vi ett,
Av dine gaver er vi mett.
Gud, gi oss derav styrke, gavn,
Så vi kan prise Jesu navn!

Source: Sangbok from Lunde Forlag og Bokhandel (publisher), 1987.


A Taste of Norwegian Ancestry - Kindle Version - is  a compilation of excerpts from Liv Marit's book, Norwegian Ancestry, soon to be published in English. This Kindle version will give you some historical background in Norwegian immigration to the United States and on the settlements established there. Included are also tips, tools and websites that will help you begin your own search for your Norwegian heritage and ancestry.

Norwegian Ancestry is the working title of our project. Our goal is to write a how-to book in English about Norwegian genealogy research. We will use elements from two of my previous books, published in Norwegian – Slektsgransking. Steg for steg med praktiske eksempler (Genealogy. Step by step with practical examples, Aschehoug 2010) and Slektsgranskerens guide til utvandringen 1825-1930 (The Genealogist's Guide to Emigration 1825-1930, Vigmostad & Bjørke 2013).

Liv Marit Haakenstad received a grant from NFF to write the book. We are, however, still in need of funding for the translation from Norwegian to English, even though the book already has willing publishers in the United States.